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Perfect Match
11 June 2011
Reviewer: John Kent from Atlanta, GA

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I wrote to 8 or 9 women over a period of a couple of months, both ones suggested to me by the site as a "perfect match" (quite a bit of hyperbole -- "How about trying your luck with this one?" would have been more accurate and honest) and ones found through the search function. One woman briefly wrote back just to say she got my e-mail, but then did not respond again when I wrote back to her. None of the others ever wrote back. And no one ever took the initiative to write to me first. I have to wonder if a lot of the listings are actually obsolete, but kept on the site anyway to fill it out. To think so many women would not even bother to write back with a diplomatic "Thanks, but no thanks" is too cynical a guess, even for me. I can think of no other possible explanation. Also: half the actual profiles were temporarily (?) closed, making them realistically non-existent. Many also had no photos and/or no personal comments, only the mechanical, multiple choice type answers allowed by the profile system. That may well be okay for a lot of people, but for me, a self description in one's own words is what delineates a person to me as an individual. The personality profile format used by this site sounds good in principle, but it seemed a little impersonal to me. But none of this really matters if people don't respond, or possibly never even receive the e-mails because they are no longer active members of the site. No, even imperfect, matches for me there.

In summary, I would not recommend Perfect Match to a friend.

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