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How to Choose the Right Matchmaking Website

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We’ve all seen those movies, or even lived that life, where The Matchmaker thinks that Person/Guinea pig A and Person/Guinea pig B would be ideal for them. What ensues is a date from hell, in which The Matchmaker’s dream becomes a nightmare.

Okay, so matchmaking like this doesn’t always end in disaster. However, when it comes to matters of the heart, it’s often best to make up your own mind. That’s not to say, though, that you can’t be pointed in the right direction.

Rather than placing all your bets on one individual, you might prefer to scout a range of potential dates, and then get to know them a little before you decide to meet up. “But how can I do that?” we hear you cry! Well, wipe away those tears, because Matchmaking Websites might just be your answer...


Why Choose a Matchmaking Website?

A matchmaking website allows you to find dates based on the compatibility of your personalities. All of the sites we’ve reviewed in this category ask you to fill out a range of information, from your hobbies and interests, to your perspectives in life. This might include information such as whether you are more logically-minded or more of a “see what happens” kind of person. Or you might be asked what your ideal date would be, or whether you prefer to stay in with a good book or go out dancing. You get the idea.

This information is collected, correlated and analyzed. Afterwards, the website finds a selection of people who suit your personality and drives in life, and recommends them to you. All you have to do after that is get in touch and see where it takes you!


What Features Should you Look Out For?

Whilst matchmaking websites share a number of common features, they’re not all the same. As such, we’ve tried out several of the big players and now offer you our opinion on each of them. There is a variety of criteria that we consider when we write our reviews, and it’s important to understand how we came to our conclusions so that you can decide which matchmaking website is right for you.

Firstly, we use a star rating system. This allows you to quickly get a visual overview of what’s on offer. Next, we provide a write-up of the costs and features of each site. If you’re looking for a website which offers email options, or phone options, for example, look out for that particular feature in the list we provide. Finally, we give an Editor’s Verdict, which elaborates on the key pros and cons of each site, making recommendations on who it might benefit the most.

So before you begin reading through our reviews, here are some things to be aware of:

  • Your chances of getting a date:
    If you’re using a match making website, then we assume you’re looking for a date. The more members a site has, the more likely you’ll find a match, and the more options you’ll have. But numbers aren’t everything! We also consider the communication tools on offer, and how accurate the matches are. After all, it’s no good being offered 50 dates who love clubbing if you prefer to stay in and watch a movie. We also think about how well you can express yourself, including how much information you can share about yourself. The more you can share, the more likely you are to find a date who suits your personality and lifestyle.
  • Features:
    Each website has something different to offer. Whilst one might run social events, another might offer dating advice. All of the websites offer some way to communicate with a member, but if you’re looking for audio options, live chat, or even webcam features, you will need to locate a site which has them as part of their membership packages. For the most part, each of the matchmaking websites we’ve reviewed has kept their features streamlined. The idea is that matchmaking should be quick, simple and not labor-intensive. A website’s features should help with this, allowing you to easily locate your matches and chat with them. If you wish to receive updates via email, rather than logging on regularly, you should also look for a website which provides this feature.
  • Photos:
    Whilst matchmaking websites are often used by people who are interested in forging a relationship based around personality matching, that isn’t to say that people aren’t interested in physical attraction. Some members enjoy sharing photos to share their interests, such as sports, travel, food and so on. If this kind of exchange is important to you, then you may wish to find a website which allows you to upload multiple photographs. The quality of photographs can also vary, and it’s often important that each member uploads an image which shows off their best attributes. If you want to upload several high definition pictures, we recommend that you find a site which allows for larger uploads.
  • Customer support:
    If you’re stuck with the technology, need a little advice on dating or just require some support from a member of staff, you’ll want a website which offers decent customer support. In particular, we enjoy sites with articles and blogs on dating, which add another dimension to the service. If you’re not quite sure how something works, look for a match making site which offers superior customer service and technical support.
  • Navigation:
    All of the sites we’ve reviewed are pretty easy to navigate once you’ve explored them for a few minutes. However, it’s important that you feel comfortable using a match making website, and that you are able to manoeuvre through the variety of pages. If you think you’d like to update your profile regularly, for example, you will want to look for a site which allows you to do this with ease. If a dating site offers search options, test them out to find out whether they are functional and offer the diversity you need.
  • Joining and registration:
    Some of the sites in this category struggled a little with registration processes. Partly this is due to the fact that matchmaking sites (much more so than traditional online dating websites) require a lot of information from you to create your account. Registration often isn’t quick, but you want it to be as hassle-free as possible. If you find that a site won’t allow you to log in, or rejects your attempts to join, you might wish to try another site or contact the sales team to clarify what’s going on.
  • Value for money:
    As with most services in life, prices can vary. We weigh up the pros and cons of each site, along with how much they charge. Some sites are more expensive but they offer superior services and a better chance of getting a date. Others may seem cheap, but they don’t necessarily perform well in other areas. Value, therefore, is the blending of these elements. We want you to feel as though your money hasn’t been wasted, which is why we take value for money seriously.


The Bottom Line

That’s everything we have to recommend for now. So, if you feel like you’re ready to meet someone on your terms, using a website which finds you dates based on your compatibility, go forth and explore the range of Matchmaking Websites that are waiting for you! Who knows, maybe Person A and Person B will finally hit it off...!